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校内紧急电话: 9-911
Non-emergency situations requiring police response: 360-459-4333
新大公共安全办公室: 360-438-4555或分机. 4555

注册新大紧急警报 接收紧急通知.

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Visit the 汽车调配所网页 on the Saints Athletics website or email here.


The Office of Marketing and Communications can help! 查看下面的资源或 填写一份项目建议书.


内部事件注册: Reserve a space for a faculty or staff meeting/event on campus.
对外活动提案: Planning to host or co-sponsor an event with external partners on campus? (Note: A request does not guarantee approval of hosting or co-sponsoring designation.)

  1. 通过以下方式预订您的座位 EMS. 用你的十大外围足彩网站app账号登录.

  2. 打印并填写 对外活动建议表格

  3. Scan and submit your 对外活动建议表格 online.



Faculty and staff are eligible for free membership to this great on-campus resource. With high tech fabrication tools and education resources, the Lacey Makerspace can empower you to become a maker, 创新者或小企业领袖.

Key dates

October 23, 2023


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Lacey campus fall semester classes begin: August 28, 2023
Mass of the Holy Spirit: September 7, 2023
期中成绩由注册主任决定: October 23, 2023
Fall break (Lacy 16 week sessions only): 2023年10月23日至24日
Saint Martin's Day/Veteran's Day (holiday): November 10, 2023
Priority registration for spring 2024 begins: November 13, 2023
Last day for withdrawal: November 17, 2023
Thanksgiving recess (holiday): November 22-24, 2023
Semester final exams: December 11-15, 2023
Conferral date for fall graduates: December 16, 2023
Final grades due to registrar: December 19, 2023

For session dates other than main, please see the 校历.


Key offices


The 人力资源厅 is committed to providing a respectful and welcoming environment for members of the Saint Martin’s community and visitors. We are dedicated to serving and advising members of our community in their work through providing strategic leadership and efficient and effective business processes. 我们通过赢得满意而成功, respect and trust of those who support us and do business with us.


The 教务长办公室 oversees all academic programs and academic co-curricular activities; coordinates academic projects and events; recommends faculty sabbaticals, leaves, and advancement; supports faculty development; plans the academic budget; and works with deans, directors, and other University offices to ensure that academic excellence defines the teaching experience of faculty and the learning experience of students at Saint Martin’s University.

Finance Office

The mission of the Finance Office is to provide quality customer service to all constituents of 十大外围app, 沟通清楚, effectively and respectfully to all constituents of 十大外围app and to practice responsible stewardship of University resources. 请让我们知道我们能做些什么.


Facilities Services Group is committed to the members of the Saint Martin’s Community. Our team provides support for the full spectrum of facilities management activities, including capital planning and development, campus planning and landscape architecture, facilities project design and construction, space management, physical plant operations and maintenance, utilities, environment health and safety compliance.


The mission of the Saint Martin’s University Office of 综合科技服务 is to actively support the educational goals of the University by providing services, resources, facilities and technology in order to provide access to information and knowledge. The department has a responsibility to foster scholarship, as well as develop services that encourage intellectual freedom and cultural exploration.

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